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Educational Programs

Snowday provides contemporary music education to audiences of all ages. With powerful performances, engaging lessons and the opportunity for additional workshops and training, the mission of the program is to encourage students to foster an interest in vocal music. This page provides a summary of some of the educational services we offer. Please contact Class Acts Arts or the band directly for more information.

Performances & Assemblies
Performances & Assemblies

General Performance

30 minutes to 1.5 hours, Auditorium

Need some entertainment for your upcoming gala, party, PTA event or festival? In addition to our educational performances, Snowday is available for a wide variety of school-related special events, public performances and private functions. This concert is customized and appropriate for audiences of all ages for daytime and evening events.


Intro & History of A Cappella 

45 minutes, Auditorium

Snowday uses music theory to trace the history of a cappella in an energizing performance that explores the extensive capabilities of the human voice, inspiring creativity and musicality in students of all ages. Using upbeat and engaging songs, students are taken on a journey through the history of a cappella, giving insight on each era of a cappella and its influences. Genres include chant, spiritual, barbershop, doo wop, pop and more. Students will also learn about voice parts, rhythm and basic arranging techniques, culminating with opportunities to try out singing and vocal percussion for themselves.


The program is appropriate for Pre-K through 12, as well as various levels of musical ability. The length of the program is flexible and can be adjusted to the school's needs.

Be Aca-Awesome

45 minutes, Auditorium

Music performance, especially a cappella, is a great way to develop real world skills like public speaking, self-confidence, and teamwork. Over the course of the show, the audience will watch the newest member of Snowday find their way on stage through music. Audiences will enjoy upbeat, chart-topping hits while watching a complete transformation of a timid newcomer into a seasoned performer. Students will take away numerous lessons in how to find the strength to be themselves in a fun, engaging journey.


The program is appropriate for Pre-K through 12, as well as various levels of musical ability. The length of the program is flexible and can be adjusted to the school's needs.

Youth Ensemble & Summer Camp

The A Cappella School Youth Ensemble

8 Weeks

Over 8 sessions, students will learn the basics of a cappella from the pros in a comfortable group setting. Not only will students see an increase in performance skills and musicality, but also in self-confidence, presence, and the ability to work as part of a team. The class will culminate with a live performance in a professional concert.

Next Session starts September 22, 2016 - Sign Up Now


The A Cappella School Summer Camp

5 Days

Experience the full range of workshops in an intensive week of singing, learning and networking for students, culminating with a live performance or professional studio track and music video.


2016 Performance Camp: June 27-July 1 - Sign Up Now (Ages 8-18)

2016 Studio Camp: July 11-15 - Sign Up Now (Ages 13-18)

Workshops & Coaching

Learn the what, where, why, how, and who of a cappella through a wide range of workshops, available for all skill and experience levels. Or, have Snowday coach your choir, ensemble, or group.

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